People’s Hospital is a Multi-specialty hospital located at Pragathi Nagar, Kukatpally. This hospital is one of the dream projects led and managed by People’s Progress Trust since 2007. Our Hospital has 100 beds capacity, constructed in about 12000 sqft area. We have a team of highly qualified, well experienced senior consultants, surgeons who are supported by highly skilled, experienced and dedicated nursing staff and other para medical staff at the service of the patient round the clock. In house nursing accommodation is provided to support all emergencies. We provide convenience to the patients with spacious and well ventilated rooms with utmost care of experienced nursing and paramedical staff. Our services are supported by sophisticated technology. We constantly strive for quality and innovation and provide advanced technology and modern facilities to delivery high quality medical

Our Vision & Mission:

To serve the needy at affordable cost.

To strive always to seek cost-lowering methods of delivering health care.

To ensure commitment to quality and patient safety.

To ensure transparency and ethical practice at all levels.

Over the years, with the crucial support of experienced, highly trained and compassionate staff, we have evolved as an excellent health care unit that ensures quality services.

There is an increasing demand from all sections of the people to widen the access for medical services through insurance. We promise to upgrade our equipment /facility from time to time to provide better services.